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Our Services

Managed Services

With Acture Solutions’ Managed IT Services you can stop wasting time and money scrambling to keep your technology up and running. Acture offers unlimited support and management of desktops, end-user devices, servers, applications, networks, communications, and security. Acture’s business is making sure you can do yours.


Acture Solutions’ team of engineers is highly experienced in the areas of assessing and developing networks for educational institutions as well as business. Additionally included with our services is a complete helpdesk team ready to serve your organizations needs.


To get ahead of cyberattacks, Acture Solutions offers vulnerability and risk assessments that fully report any possible holes in your network as well as suggestions to repair them. Our cybersecurity providers offer 24/7 support to defend against ransomware threats that may be able to get past other automated cybersecurity systems.

Physical Security

Acture Solutions employs a team of technicians and engineers to help design and deploy all projects and installations. Physical security solutions include but are not limited to video surveillance, access control, emergency notification services, and security center access.

Unified Communication

Whether accessing a critical application at school, connecting with a colleague at work, or delivering superior customer service. Business communication is more important than ever. Acture Solutions makes it a priority to minimize the amount of time you spend trying to get in touch with who you need to speak with so that you and your organization can focus on helping others.

Audio & Visual Solutions

Acture Solutions’ providers offer all the latest and greatest technology for classrooms and/or office spaces. Our products include but are not limited to interactive display monitors, PA systems, integrated phone systems, cameras, etc. Our team of engineers and technicians are capable and ready to take care of any installations or answer any questions you may have about the products we provide.


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Complete technology integration is the way of the future in both education and business. We at Acture Solutions understand that effective communication is of vital importance in the workplace. In today’s world where many employees have begun to work entirely remote, it is especially crucial that organizations are able to depend on their network to always be secure and efficient. Integrating all technology allows people to manage multiple different facets of their organization from one centralized network. Minimizing the number of hoops you have to jump through in order to get things done for your organization is our top priority at Acture Solutions.

Data Center

Industry leaders will usher in a new era of massive productivity and widespread disruption driven by real-time data and high-performance computing. The modern data center is about supporting application visibility, performance, and security.