Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic led to many unforeseen changes around the world. While many employees have been looking forward to being able to get back into their office, there are just as many people who have enjoyed their remote work so much that they’d like to remain remote. For the most part, unsurprisingly, these workers who would prefer to stay at home tend to be millennials as opposed to older and more experienced workers who have grown accustomed to office life. While many traditional companies have tried to push back against remote work, technological heavyweights have begun using it to their advantage.

Rather than worrying about losing their office culture, many younger west coast tech firms have seen this change simply as an expansion of their labor supply. With very competitive wages and strong brand recognition, these types of companies had mostly lost employees to competitors whose headquarters were in more remote areas. However now that working from home has become more of a norm, businesses located within busy cities are able to recruit employees from virtually anywhere. The landscape of the modern workplace is changing, and it will be very interesting to see what other changes are coming in the near future.

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