Addressing Cybersecurity Risks

I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with Acture Solutions over the course of this summer. In my first month here, it has become increasingly clear to me that I was not aware of just how much of a threat ransomware attacks are before I worked here. A ransomware attack is when hackers develop a form of crypto virology that is meant to extort personal or valuable information from an organization. The malware either locks users out from the information or threatens to share it with the public unless a large sum of money is paid.

It has been estimated that over $170 billion was lost by organizations from ransomware attacks in the year 2019. Part of what makes ransomware attacks so malicious is the fact that there is no way of knowing if or when you are going to become a victim. To prevent these attacks, you must act beforehand. Vulnerability and IT risk assessments are both offered by Acture Solutions and can provide an organization with any information they would need to know regarding the safety of their network and actions that can be taken to secure it any further. Hackers are constantly developing new malware to get through automated security systems, so it is also important to have cybersecurity monitoring staff which Acture is also able to provide through our vendors.

Ransomware attacks have recently made international headlines by gaining a great deal of attention from the White House. President Biden has accused China of multiple large scale ransomware attacks in the United States and has begun to take action to prevent any more attacks. If the White House feels they need to go to greater lengths to protect themselves from ransomware attacks, it’s likely that we all could benefit from doing the same.

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