Physical Security

Acture Solutions can and has offered physical security monitoring technology to a multitude of different organizations: retail spaces, school districts, stadiums & public spaces, transportation, etc. Easily access all aspects of your building’s security through Acture’s Security Operations Center (SOC). Our SOC provides security infrastructure monitoring 24/7 every day of the year to ensure that every monitored security incident is captured and reported. Other SOC services include camera management, software updates and patches, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and extended warranties.

Security Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance of your organization’s facility allows for the detection and reporting of any potential physical threats to your building(s). At Acture Solutions we support thousands of different industry-leading cameras, encoders, storage equipment, and sensors. All surveillance systems are used with cloud-based software to ensure that the latest technologies will be at our customers’ fingertips.

Secure Access Control

Stop a security breach before it can even happen with Acture’s many options for secure access control. We offer all the latest and greatest technology when it comes to door entry access including card readers, keypad, touch free access as well as radio-frequency identification (RFID). Our team of technicians can help with the installation of all these products as well as answer any questions you may have about operating them.

Digital Security System
People Walking

Counting People

What may not sound like the most useful feature of physical security, counting people in specific areas of your company at given times can tell you tons about the state of your business. Different people-counting technologies offered by Acture Solutions include license plate recognition, location of vehicles of interest, simplified parking management, facial recognition software, retail crime prevention, analytics, etc.

Notification System

If all else fails and there is a security breach at your business/organization, it is of vital importance to be sure that your notification system is up to date. Acture’s mass notification system is easy to use and allows you to create templates and message groups to be integrated with mobile devices, telephone, email, digital signage, VoIP and more.

Image by Brett Jordan