When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s important to stay ahead of potential threats. Acture Solutions along with our trusted partners offer solutions for both preparing and defending against cyberattacks. The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly changing, don’t let your organization become a victim before you’ve had a chance to change your approach to cyberattacks.

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Vulnerability Scans

The purpose of vulnerability scans is to give organizations perspective on how secure their network is. These scans provide comprehensive reports assessing all vulnerabilities in the known network. Part of these scans are network assessments and penetration tests which measure the difficulty it takes to breach your network. Other features of vulnerability scans include remediation and asset discovery.

Managed Detection Response (MDR)

Hackers are constantly developing different forms of malware to get passed automated cybersecurity systems. The purpose of MDR is to always have someone on watch protecting your network 24/7, 365 days a year. Acture can provide its customers with a complete security operations center (SOC) which provides advanced detection and response as well as complete visibility across network, endpoint, and cloud.

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Endpoint Protection

A large amount of cyberattacks these days take place through email phishing schemes. Endpoint protection provides Acture’s customers with email protection by scanning all attachments to all emails received within the network. Also included with endpoint protection is application and device control, protection from exploits, defense against malicious downloads, and data loss protection.


Firewalls are meant to serve as if they were a force field surrounding your entire network. Acture’s firewalls can weed out any malicious or unnecessary network traffic from ever entering your organization’s network. Other features of firewall include remote access, reporting, automation, connectivity, and SD-WAN

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