Audio and Visual Solutions

Acture Solutions offers many cutting-edge audiovisual products that can enhance the way information is presented in the classroom or modern workplace. Keeping students and coworkers engaged is easy with new and exciting interactive technology. In a survey conducted in 2020, roughly 87% of educators agreed that the use of technology in the classroom resulted in a positive impact on educational outcomes.

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Enhanced Classrooms

Facilitating collaboration between students in the classroom is far easier with the use of exciting new technology. Interactive ViewBoard displays and projectors are offered by Acture Solutions and are perfect for these types of activities. Additionally offered by Acture Solutions are presentation systems collaboration tools as well as room scheduling touch screens.

Digital Signage

Why use a traditional and boring poster to get the word out when you can use digital signs that will literally jump out to your customers? Digital signage is perfect for getting students attention in schools as well for things such as announce or school functions, sporting events, emergency notifications, etc. Ask Acture Solutions for more information on using digital signs to leverage your business and get the word out more efficiently to increase sales.

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Intelligent Auditoriums

Revolutionize the way your school presents performances and ceremonies with Acture’s many auditorium solutions. Embrace unlimited multimedia versatility and seamlessly mix audio and visual solutions tailored to your audience’s requirements.