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As a Transformative IT Authority, Acture Solutions is a premier technology solutions and managed services provider for enterprise, commercial, and SLED clients. Acture empowers executives and their organizations to keep pace within the corporate IT landscape through the transformative power of Innovation. Acture provides access to emerging tech along with elite engineering that drives end-to-end solutions in cloud, data intelligence, security, and the data center. With a history of servicing the needs of large school districts across New York State, our team acquired the skills necessary to work across a large diversity of environments with highly sensitive data security. With this legacy in mind, our focus is on relentless quality of service with 100% customer satisfaction. At Acture, we treat everyone as a family – from customers to employees – and we live our passion for quality IT service.

Acture Industries

Achieve more and worry less by having Acture Solutions provide day-to-day
management of your IT infrastructure and operations.

Health Care

The healthcare industry has very high standards for its technology. Healthcare technology must also provide the strongest possible safeguards against cyberattacks and stay in strict compliance with the latest regulations. With the future of Telemed solutions rapidly becoming a requirement, not a luxury, Acture can be that technology partner that meets the rigorous standards required.

Service Providers

As a service provider ourselves, with more than 25 years of experience, we understand the need to be nimble and prepared to navigate change. Acture wants to be your partner and prepare you with the tools and resources needed to sustain and grow your business.

Small or Medium Businesses

Acture understands that technology decisions aren’t always black and white. You need the right solutions to meet today’s mission-critical objectives and support proactive decision-making that will prepare you for the future. Acture combines expertise, technical knowledge and consulting capabilities that will create a strong partnership with our customers and navigate the technology landscape with them.


Acture has a long-standing history with local and regional K-12 education, providing the technology solutions needed during these demanding times of evolving education. The essential requirements for learning today are no longer a luxury, but a necessity – including but not limited to remote learning.

Higher Education

Creating a digital campus that attracts prospective students is critical to the higher education industry. Acture can provide the end to end IT solutions that are strategic and innovative, while supporting the student population and educators alike.

State & Local Government

Consumer demands have increased, and downtime can be a liability when serving a highly digital public. The right data storage strategy will ensure all your agency’s information is accessible and establishing the proper backup and disaster recovery protocols are critical to maximizing efficiencies.

NYS Contract Relationships

Intelligent Facility and Security Systems & Solutions – Group 77201 – Award 23150

*Acture Solutions, Inc. PT68839
Information Technology Umbrella Contract – Manufacturer Based (Statewide) - Group 73600 – Award 22802
*HP, Inc. Lot 2 Hardware – PM20860
*NEC Corporation of America Lot 2 Hardware – PM20910
*Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. Lot 2 Hardware – PM20850
*Lenovo (United States), Inc. Lot 2 Hardware – PT21120
*Trippe Mfg. Lot 2 Hardware – PM20990
*Ruckus Wireless, Inc. Lot 2 Hardware – PM21280
Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories (Statewide) – Group 38806 – Award 22844
*ViewSonic Corp. – PC68176
*Sharp Electronics Corp. – PC67454
NCPA Approved reseller with Synnex dealer agreement 01-97

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